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I can put your pieces back together while I take the rest of you apart

2 March 1988
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Hi my name is Lizie. I go to school in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania where I just finished the first half of my senior year. I studied abroad in England last fall and miss it terribly. Even though I am rarely there I am a Jersey girl at heart. P.S. I know noone like those idiots on MTV's Jersey Shore. I've never even met a guido or a guidette.

I've got one older brother who I love to rant about, a mom who's my best friend/biggest annoyer. My dad is...a long story. Only people who take the time to get to know me find out more about him.

I have a 10 year-old black lab named Maggie who is one of the loves of my life. She is a tad-bit overweight, and my nickname for her is Moo-Moo. (It started out as Maggie Moo and then shortened to just Moo-Moo).

I love to procrastinate. I read books for pleasure instead of textbooks. I am hoping to use this love of reading and literature in my future by working for a publishing firm when I "grow up". I enjoy long naps and studying outside when the weather's warm. I love pita pizzas and s'mores. I spend the majority of my time at school doing something related to Habitat for Humanity. I spend my summers working at the summer camp I went to from the time I was 12.

I snort when I laugh, got a problem with that? 'Cause I don't. Seriously, though, I can't control it. Or do it on command, sorry.

I am addicted to captain crunch in the morning and scallion pancakes from Hunan whenever I'm home. I am an extremely picky eater. I CAN NOW ride a bicycle and I am not a morning person. I used to have a fear of driving which led me to not ever want to practice for my driving test which led to me failing it. I have not retaken it since because I am still a bit scared and don't feel comfortable yet driving.

I watch a lot of movies and love to bake. I'm very shy at first but when I warm up, I turn into Crizie or Lizie Fo'Shizie. I love karaoke and singing along to music, especially during long road trips. I am completely addicted to TV. I wish I could still ask if it was Wednesday yet.

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